Design and Engineering from Concept to Delivery

TIP provides in-house design and engineering services for comprehensive product range. Our designers create innovative, market-leading products for our customers. We partner at any phase of the product development cycle from concept to production launch. We provide a multitude of support services including compliance and regulatory testing, production test system development, prototypes, and new product introduction.

We implement product development with lower cost designs. Our engineering team will significantly reduce the unit cost of your products by using Asian equivalent parts and electronic components and optimizing the housing for the Lean Manufacturing methods used by our China's OEM/ODM resources. Engagement with TIP earlier in the product development process will save time and money. The phases in our development process are as follows: 

  • Concept Study
  • Concept Refinement
  • Industrial Design
  • Function Design
  • Computer Simulation & modeling
  • Fast Prototyping
  • Testing and modification
  • Design Validation
  • Process Validation
More comprehensive information about design and engineering is contained in Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, and Electrical Engineering.